Vasiliki Ornithopoulou:
A woman with a unique style

Her love for perfect and elegant style since she was a very young girl sparked her to build a career in the fashion industry using her talent in knitting and getting inspiration from the Greek nature and its bounty of colors.

In her futuristic collections of knitted handbags and outerwear designs, Vasiliki combines in original and feminine lines the softness of the wool with stones, feathers, organic furs and other materials of Greek nature, and she creates elegant designs that steal the show.

Outerwear and handbags are handmade thus every piece is unique!  Vasiliki’s products are knitted with love and elaborated stitches that highlight the softness and warmth of the knit.

Since 2016 Atelier Vasiliki has an unlikely and steady route in Greece and abroad with glorious and creative designs.

“I always loved the softness of the knitted fabrics and their ability to mutate and give unlimited choices for every style, every woman and every season.”





A talented grandmother, a skilled mother taught us to knit

If the first thing you think of when you hear the word “knitting” is an old lady with a crochet hook in her hand, you’re right. This is where we all learned from. A talented grandmother, a skilled mother taught us to knit. But knitting, apart from the technique, is an art and in fact an art that makes people creative, exercises their imagination and of course makes their hands “fly”. Knitting means traveling. Two needles and a thread can travel the people who handle them to India if their creations are ethnic or to Paris if their creations touch the latest fashion designs. Depending on one’s taste, interests and personality, creations always vary.

Enjoy the most special creations we found for you!


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