Our Story

My story begins at the age of 10. The image of the loom and my grandmother knitting on it, is one of my childhood memories that remains indelible within me.

From a young age, I was fascinated by handicrafts and I tried to learn how to create them. I liked the idea of ​​grabbing a thread and giving a shape to it with my hands. A simple thread and a helping tool were enough to give new life to my clothes, since I wasn’t able to buy new ones.

But most of all, I was attracted to fashion, not magazine fashion, but style itself. Over the years I realized that style is what differentiates people, so I wanted to develop it with my own unique handmade knitwear creations. The beginning was made with modifications on my own clothing and accessories, inspired by my unique style. That’s exactly what this love of creation led me to do. To evolve my hobby into a profession and this is how my own brand Atelier Vasiliki was created.

And that’s what I suggest today! Different more or less, style is what makes us special. Style makes us unique.
Enjoy and adopt it!