100% Handmade

  • Hebe AHebe A

    Hebe A


    Create an elegant, refined and feminine look with the handmade knitted top, Hebe A.

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  • Irida BIrida B

    Irida B


    Earth tones are one of the best choices for a summertime outfit! That's why Irida B, the handmade perforated dress in a beige color will be your first choice!

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  • ParosZante



    Enjoy morning and evening summer walks with Paros, the handmade knitted bustier! Suitable for casual as well as elegant looks!

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  • Dido CDido B

    Dido B


    Do you want to make a splash with a very strong look? With the Dido skirt,  you won't go unnoticed!

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  • Ekali AEkali A

    Ekali A


    Looking for something that is both casual and stylish? Ekali A, the handmade sequin embroidered blouse in siel silver color is the right choice!

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  • Ekali BEkali B

    Ekali B


    Nothing makes a bigger impression than a strong dose of color in your summer outfits! With the handmade knitted blouse in orange color, Ekali B you will make the most eye-catching combinations!

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  • Alkistis AAlkistis A

    Alkistis A


    The days are getting brighter and the nights are getting longer, so we're taking day-to-night looks to new levels! This can happen with Alkistis A the handmade knitted blouse!

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  • Anthilia AAnthilia A

    Anthilia A


    Get ready to conquer the streets with confidence and style wearing the handmade khaki manto, Anthilia A!

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